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Phil Cooper

Hi Kari,

My PC time is good, as I use Dimension4 to keep it good, and this is updated every minute. Maybe that is too often? Maybe the sync is confusing things?

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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Hi Phil,

On 7.10.2022 18.03, Phil Cooper via groups.io wrote:
Hi all,

Over the last few days, I have noticed that WSJTx isn't decoding some time slots. This appears to be random.
I am using an IC7800 via a microHam MKII to an AMD A8-9600 Radeon R7 with 16GB RAM running 64bit Win10Pro.

I looked in the WSJTx folder, and checked the wsjtx_syslog.txt I see the following lines:
[SYSLOG][2022-10-07 13:04:29.431052][00:36:11.110627][warning] Detected dropped audio source samples: 1920 (0.04 S)
[SYSLOG][2022-10-07 13:05:29.378859][00:37:11.055690][warning] Detected dropped audio source samples: 1104 (0.023 S)
[SYSLOG][2022-10-07 13:05:59.410405][00:37:41.085883][warning] Detected dropped audio source samples: 1008 (0.021 S)
[SYSLOG][2022-10-07 13:06:29.389255][00:38:11.039565][warning] Detected dropped audio source samples: 1104 (0.023 S)

Can anyone suggest where to look, or what to change to reduce this issue?

The Windows Resource Manager isn't showing any issues, so I am not sure what is happening.

73 de Phil GU0SUP
First check that your computer time is accurate.

Go to https://time.is/ to check your clock. It shoud report "Your Time
is Exact".

If not, install some good time scynronization program.

Those dropped audio samples happen all the time, no need to worry about
those too much.

73's de Kari, oh2gqc

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