locked Re: win4Yaesu, WSJT-X, JT-Alert, ACL & GridTracker setup #install #ApacheLabs #Calibration #bearing #band

Michael Black

Change WSJTX Reporting address to
You'll have to update ACL too.  JTAlert picks up the address automagically.
Mike W9MDB

On Saturday, October 1, 2022 at 07:03:02 PM CDT, Robert Mayzer <bmayzer@...> wrote:


I'm not sure where this should belong, so I'm asking for some advice here.

I have win4Yaesu, WSJT-X, JT-Alert, ACL & GridTracker on my IBM PC.

I am able to run successfully win4Yaesu, WSJT-X, JT-Alert, ACL or win4Yaesu, WSJT-X, ACL & GridTracker,
but not JT-Alert & GridTracker at the same time (No traffic to GT when it is the last app started, no
traffic on JT-Alert when it is started last.).

I have screen shots of what I hope are all the settings for the connections between these programs.

I do not want to send a message with all the screen shots to any group if I'm not sure what the right group is.

Tying up bandwidth and posting to several sites seems like a bad way to approach my problem.

Does anyone know of a site that can get me on the right track? Anyone have this combo
working who could share their setup?

As a last resort, what group would be the best place to start if the above options arent available? What screens are needed to
troubleshoot this problem? The screens total 1.5mb. I don't want to send them all.


p.s. I don't know how to add multiple hash tags. I'll look it up for next time.

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