Locked Re: #windows11 USB Soundcard issue with WSJT-x #windows11

Kent AA6P

I just checked my system and the WSJT-X level indicator showed 46 dB with the antenna disconnected. I am using an IC-706MKIIG with Signalink interface. The reading varies between 0 dB and 57 dB if I vary the Rx level adjustment on the Signalink interface.

The FT8 Operating Guide states the following:

"The bar graph audio level meter in WSJT-X or JTDX should normally read about 30 dB on a ‘dead’ band, increasing to about 50 dB on an active band with about a dozen stations QRV simultaneously, higher still on an HF band buzzing with life and lots of strong FT8 signals."

The readings with my antenna disconnected are apparently from noise generated by the IC-706MKIIG. The reading drops to 1 dB if I turn the radio off.

73, Kent

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