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Thanks for your input. I will try some where else.
Tom Dipprey KG5JIT

On Saturday, October 1, 2022 at 01:54:46 AM CDT, Reino Talarmo <reino.talarmo@...> wrote:

>I use unchecked "hold tx".  I have never heard of a lockout. My question is this a RX interfering in the operation of the water fall?

Hi Tom,
Be assured that the 'Hold Tx' has nothing to do with reception even less with waterfall during reception. The 'lockout' is unknown to me as well.
It is a bit difficult try to catch your waterfall problem without seeing it and the related section on the ALL.txt file. The latter contains all decoded and transmitted messages. It is in the Log directory.
I know that you cannot attach files or pictures into this mail list, but you could distribute those using some service such as Dropbox or Onedrive.
I may have had something similar in my system, when it has been running a very long time 24/7. I have not tried to find out the basic reason as always just closing and re-opening wsjt-x has solved the problem. I have disabled all power saving features expect laptop display. It seems not to affect in my case at all (I have some older Lenovo laptops).

73, Reino OH3mA

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