Locked #windows11 USB Soundcard issue with WSJT-x #windows11


Five weeks or so ago I noticed that the input sound slider indicator displayed 52 Db on a very quite band. I first thought bad Win 11 update, then a bad USB sound card is still the use, then a bad Win 11 driver handling and or something just not right with WSJT-x RC4. To clarify, even though I have this 52 Db issue I still can still copy FT8 to -22 to -24 and -20 on FT4, but I never know what the current input value is without an external meter program. Running an I7 Dell Inspiron desktop, Win11 with the newest 22H2 OS version with sound in and out from a Microkeyer connected to a FT5000mp.

My Dell machine has the traditional head phone setup with line out but I have not been using it with the digital modes, instead using a older USB sound with line in and a speaker output that use to worked great and still does but without the correct indication on WSJT-x or on JTDX which I don’t use.

To test where the issue maybe I bought a new USB sound cards. Nothing changed with the new. Got help from Michael Black a well known member of this group, but after two hours Mike he was also a wits end for a solution.

Since none (USB) cards made a difference, I bought a PCIe SoundBlaster card and it worked OK using line in. Had an issue with a motor boating output and sent it back to Amazon. Did some follow-up regarding the USB C-Media chips and decided to try a different and third and more costly USB soundcard. Again the new card had the same issues. I had a Headphone splitter jack cable and decided to try the mic’ input on the gaming jack on the PC front and that $5 cable worked, I could adjust the input in WSJT-x to 30DB and the slide display bounce up and down with signals. Then you may ask what’s the issue. Why using USB doesn’t work, that’s the issue. Is it Win11 or WSJT-x? Or something else like Dell drivers for USB connected devices..

So I took the next step and loaded WSJT-x starting with version 2.3 up and through 2.6.0 RC4 on a HP AND quad processor, OS is WIN10 that I used up until 4/2022 for digital and used both a internal MB sound card and a USB card, the same issue showed when using the USB card from 3 different manufactured sound cards. The PC internal worked OK since that is what I had been using until Dell arrived with no internal PCIe card, I think that rules out the OS versions as to the trouble but maybe not the USB system which is both 2.0 and 3.0 on the Dell..

1. Win11 and or Win10 show the same issue with external cards
2. USB sound cards seem not to be the issue since 3 different manuf' exhibit the same issue.
3. PCIe internal card or Motherboard mount work as expected.
4. WSJT-x from version 2.3 to the latest RC version exhibits the sound indication issue.
5. The latest WIN 11 major update #2202 version 22h2 doesn’t help with the issue.
5. Amazon hates me since I keep buying and returning sound cards both internal and USB style.

I’m afraid to order any of the current USB adaptors built for hams since the USB I’ve tried do not work. I feel it is either a USB driver issue with Win 11 or a trigger issue with WSJT-x with the type of sound input. I have checked the WJTX INI file and it response correctly to the selection of input selected. I’ve verified all the sound readings that actually is set using Audacity and a digital level meter by Paul Marshal a ham operator.
That’s how I adjust the inputs now, if you’ve got any suggestions I’ll spend the time to try them and report back. A special thanks to Mike Black for the time he spent with me on the initial reporting of the issue weeks ago.

73 de Ron W4LDE

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