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David Tucker

Yes Neil that answers my question. Thanks a lot. 73's

On 9/30/2022 8:15 AM, neil_zampella wrote:
If you're expecting JT Alert to do this, it won't as it creates its B4
table from your connected log when it starts up in memory.   This allows
for a faster 'look up' when the call is decoded.

When you log a QSO, JT Alert will add to that B4 table, but only on the
machine that its running on.   There's no shared B4 table between the

Does this help??

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 9/30/2022 8:08 AM, Dave Tucker Nu4N wrote:
Well I guess I really need to explain myself. I think I have a setting
wrong in JT ALERT. I probably should have gone the the HAMAPPS group
but any way.  On my other computer when I work a station I expect to
be grayed as a dupe. But it does not gray out.


On 9/29/2022 5:16 PM, Kenneth Bandy wrote:
Most logging software will allow you to import adif files.  If your
logging software doesn't allow importing of adif files, you can use
the free ADIF Master utility, available
athttp://www.dxshell.com/adif-master.html It has a function call
"Merge ADIF log" that would do what you need.

Ken, KJ9B

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I have 2 computers running and they are running with Drop Box.
How do I merge both files of each computer together?

*73'S DAVE NU4N*

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