Locked Re: Icom 7300 and no contacts #FT8

Bruce N7XGR

Roger, Tis a simple task to increase the RX bandwidth.
Be in USB-D mode
Press and hold the FILTER button
Tap the desired filter button, FIL1 or FIL2 or FIL3
Tap the BW button
Rotate the VFO knob clockwise to increase the bandwidth
Tap the BW button again
Save these settings to the SD card when done--IMPORTANT
The DATA mode has 3 totally adjustable filter bandwidths
which is the same as in regular USB mode.
3 DATA filter settings and 3 regular USB filter settings.
What filter is indicated in the display when using WSJT-X???

Bruce N7XGR

On Fri, Sep 30, 2022 at 3:13 AM Roger Evans via groups.io <rdevans1957=
yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote:

I am using Windows 10 Home. When running FT-8 and decoding it shows a
time lag of 0.2 or less most of the times, so I think time synchronization
is okay. But I can load Dimension 4. My issue is I am not sure my signal
is being heard by anyone, or why I do not get any responses. I will also
start checking PSKreporter to see who is hearing me and where.

Roger N6RGR

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