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Robert Rose <robert.rose@...>

Good Lord, Robert. I was unaware of this pskreporter service. I can’t thank you enough!


On Sep 29, 2022, at 6:24 AM, Robert Bower <frrobert@...> wrote:


I just checked https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html for the last 24 hours and you were being heard mostly on 15 meters.

So the good news it works maybe just not great. I don't have a 7300 so I will keep my tips general.

With FT8 you don't need lots of power 20-30 watts is enough.

Use the Tune button and the slider in WSJTX to adjust you transmit volume.

Click the Hold TX Freq selection and adjust your TX frequency to something that is open.

Check PSK Reporter to see how you are getting out.

Hope it helps.

On 2022-09-28 13:21, Roger Evans via groups.io wrote:
I cannot figure out what is going on and why I am not getting answers
to CQ and trying to answer a CQ in FT-8. I have downloaded
instructions and have tried everything but no joy. Either my signal
is way overdriven, or non-existent. I have the newest Firmware
installed on my Icom IC-7300 which has the pre-set for FT-8 and I can
just switch to USB-D with a push of a button. However, I cannot make
a QSO. So, what else should I look at in my setup, or in the WSJT
software? When I start WSJT the CAT test and Push to Talk buttons
work, and I see the signals on the screen and they are being decoded,
but no joy when transmitting.
Everyone says Ft-8 is supposed to be easy, but obviously I am not
finding it so. HELP!!!
Roger N6RGR

Robert Bower

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