Locked Re: Which file WSJTX read to color the CQ? #adiFiles

Karza <kari.sillanmaki@...>

No, Kary, I didn't.
I'm sure that the callsign was not in the adi file and btw was the
absolutely first Qso with him.
Hmm, that sounds weird. Is this callsing the only one you are having this issue with?
I assume that the first row on the color table that match with the callsign
is the one that decide the actual color, starting at the top and descending.
True? Always?
Yes, that's true. And AFAIK that's what always happens.

What are your colour settings?

Here are mine from top to bottom:

1) My Call in message
2) New Continent
3) New Continent on Band
( I don't care about Zones )
4) New DXCC
5) New DXCC on Band
( I don't care about Grids either )
6) New Call
7) New Call on Band
8) CQ in message <<<< This is green, meaning B4
9) Transmitted message

I also have "Highligt by Mode" checked in Settings => Colors.

With these settings everything works just fine for me.


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