Locked Re: Which file WSJTX read to color the CQ? #adiFiles

Pietro Molina

No, Kary, I didn't.
I'm sure that the callsign was not in the adi file and btw was the
absolutely first Qso with him.
Tomorrow I'll perform some test with a dummy installation to investigate...
I assume that the first row on the color table that match with the callsign
is the one that decide the actual color, starting at the top and descending.
True? Always?
Thanks for help.

Pietro (via Tablet)

Il mar 27 set 2022, 19:37 Karza <kari.sillanmaki@...> ha scritto:

Hi Pietro,

Yes Kari, I'm sure. v2.5.4
I opened the wsjtx_log.adi file with notepad++ and tried to find the
callsign: nothing found.
Now I find the qso I had this afternoon with him. And his CQ is green, as
I renamed wsjtx_log.adi in .back, and WSJTX does not create a new one
(maybe it would be done after a qso).
Correct, WSJT-X will create a new logfile when next QSO is logged.
But I rescanned the adi file and the
color is still green.
I suspect that the colors are not depending on wsjtx_log, but on some
log, is it possible?
No, only wsjtx_log.adi is scanned by WSJT-X for previous QSOs.

Are you perhaps using some 'companion program' in addition to WSJT-X?


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