locked Re: Which file WSJTX read to color the CQ? #adiFiles

Karza <kari.sillanmaki@...>

Hi Pietro,

Yes Kari, I'm sure. v2.5.4
I opened the wsjtx_log.adi file with notepad++ and tried to find the
callsign: nothing found.
Now I find the qso I had this afternoon with him. And his CQ is green, as
I renamed wsjtx_log.adi in .back, and WSJTX does not create a new one
(maybe it would be done after a qso).
Correct, WSJT-X will create a new logfile when next QSO is logged.
But I rescanned the adi file and the
color is still green.
I suspect that the colors are not depending on wsjtx_log, but on some other
log, is it possible?
No, only wsjtx_log.adi is scanned by WSJT-X for previous QSOs.

Are you perhaps using some 'companion program'  in addition to WSJT-X?


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