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I thought WSJT-X complained if you transmitted over a WSPR frequency. IIRC it used to for JT-65.

73 Phil GM3ZZA

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Just a quick note about sharing.

I've operated quite a bit of FT4 lately and noticed a trend of sorts. It seems that some people are ignoring the WSPR signals on 17 meters (and probably many other bands), operating FT4 right in the midst of them. Perhaps they don't know what the signals are, since they sound mostly like blank carriers instead of data. When you're on 17 meter FT4 (dial 18.104), please steer clear of transmitting too close to 2,000Hz tone. There's a couple hundred hertz of width where WSPR operations are going on all day everyday. They run very low power, usually milliwatts, and your much higher powered signal can interfere.

These signals are easy to spot. Like us, they are clock synchronized. They transmit for two minutes at a time and listen for many more. Please pay attention and give them a little more room. The last couple of days, I've seen more than one instance of someone just landing right in the middle of them, ignoring what's going on there. Reach up and change your mode menu to WSPR and watch for 10-15 minutes and saw how much traffic there is. Also notice how low their RF power is (it's in the decoded data)

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Gary - AG0N

73 Phil GM3ZZA

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