locked Re: WSJTX Not Decoding #decode

Cliff Fox (KU4GW)

Paul, I use AdBlocker+. It keeps websites ad free so when I download a photo, either by right-clicking it to copy it and then left-clicking to save the image to my folder of choice or I use a small free program from IObit software called iTop Screenshot that works great. Pressing ALT+A on the keyboard activates it with a large square I can move over the image and crop from either of the 4 sides of the image and when I finish cropping it and release the left mouse button a window pops up with the choices of Copy or Save. I usually copy the photo and then paste it into PhotoScape, a great free photo editor, and save it after any edits I do to the original image. Best of all no ads! PhotoScape also has a clone feature that can be used to hide any ads that appear directly on the photo.

"Very 73 de Cliff, KU4GW"

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