locked Re: OmniRig v2.0, (4) Rig Support

Brad, K8ZM

Hi Carl,

Yes, that would work just fine if I was only running WSJT-X, however my set-up is a bit more complex and revolves around my logging software and its ability to interface with multiple rigs. I currently have multiple WSJT-X instances running via the command line option you mention but the way I need to interface WSJT-X requires OmniRig.  I was just curious if anyone was aware of any plan to incorporate the newer functionality of OmniRig v2.0 that adds rigs 3 and 4.  There are other ways to achieve this but I just like the "common" set-up I have across all my rigs and applications as well as allowing for more connectivity options down the road.


Brad, N8GLS

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