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Phil Cooper

Hi all,

Just another point of view from me...

As a GU, I am often involved in a pile-up, and don't always have the time to respond to Messaging requests during that time. Wherever possible, I will confirm a contact if that is what it takes, and have done that very thing on a number of occasions, but it isn't always in "real time".

An example.... I recently had a pile-up of JA/YB/BY calls, and was called by a W7, who I worked, albeit with poor signal strengths, presumable over the pole, but he then wanted confirmation that I had received his final 73. I did send that eventually, but not immediately, as I was busy working through all the callers that were lighting my Rx screen in red.

So, I would suggest that it can be useful, but be aware that you may NOT get an instant response from someone! Also, consider that not everyone uses JTAlert.

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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Three posssibilties immediately come to mind:
One good reason is that use of SSB is not authorized on several FT8 and FT4 freqs here in the USA, so you have to blindly arrange a QSY.
A second reason is that not all readers on this WSJT forum use JTAlert as their WSJT add-on accessory overlay.
And third, startlingly, not all FTn users copy CW, nor do the FTn users appreciate folks trying to run CW contacts in the FTn windows.

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