locked Re: Please use the JTAlert Messaging feature #QSO_practices

David Ackrill

On Wed, Sep 14, 2022 at 07:55 AM, Kurt Cathcart wrote:

My biggest ask is that people figure out how to not send the alerts over the
It's one of the reasons why I separate the Shack PC from my general use laptop. The shack PC has all of the Windows sounds switched off and I try to remember to either switch off any sounds in any programs running, or at least route them to the soundcard in the PC, which doesn't have any speakers connected, so it can't even be picked up in the background when using a microphone...

Whenever there's a contest on, and what I call the 'Part Time' users of datamodes, or even some special event stations that seem to be run by people who don't seem to grasp what they might be inflicting on everyone else, like overdriven audio, mics that are live when the rig is used for data modes and the Windows dings and alerts that come out all over the bands.

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