Locked Re: Please use the JTAlert Messaging feature #QSO_practices

Kurt Cathcart

Great ask.

My biggest ask is that people figure out how to not send the alerts over the air.

-Kurt, KR2C

On 9/12/2022 9:38 PM, Timothy Brannon wrote:
I want to advocate for more use of the Messaging app in the JT Alert > companion program for WSJT-X. Right now, I'm watching 4X4ZP on 30 >
meters with a workable -15 dB signal into North America at 0120 UTC. > I'd love to let him know he's being heard in Texas, but he's Offline > on JT Alert. The Messaging app in JT Alert also gives you the > opportunity to exchange some of those personal comments that might > occur in a CW contact. Certainly, I do NOT advocate for using JT > Alert messaging to complete a contact - all information to complete a > QSO should be passed in WSJT-X. However, I see nothing wrong with a > "You're in the log" message sent to those who insist on sending > "RR73" multiple times during a contact. > > 73 de Tim, WA5MD > > >

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