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Bill, WB6JJJ

I agree,
Recently, I had a QSO with a station on 17 Meters from a state that I needed on 12 Meters. I sent a quick note asking if he would QSY to 12 Meters - he was nice enough to do it and we were able to make that Q. It was my last state needed on 12 Meters. Now, just two states left for 9-band WAS.
The note feature is nice to have…. I also met WB5JJJ that way. Much fun.


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I often send "thank you" emails to stations that give me QSO confirmations for hard to get states. Thus far no one I've exchanged emails with was offended or put off. In fact I've established some friendships that way. I would encourage it. But I only send a thank you email for states that have been really hard to get, which for me has been North and South Dakota and a few states in the North East. ;-)

On only one occasion was I involved in an email exchange setting up a FT8 sked and it was mutually beneficial for us both. I personally wouldn't be the least bit offended if someone requested an FT8 sked with me. I'd be happy to accommodate. I know others might disagree and that's cool. As long as one is not breaking any rules or inconveniencing someone else I wouldn't see the harm in it.


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I was shocked to get a message this way. I didn't know it existed or that it was enabled. (Later I noticed that Gridtracker seems to have that capability too, BTW.) I would feel a little strange using it for 'listen to me!', but I have been tempted to use it to thank someone one in a new state or country after the contact. That's just me.

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