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Yes, the general topic has been addressed in the Icom forum by others, unfortunately with generous amiounts of bad information.
Menu item 29 DOES affect the WSJT audio, and is based on PACKET data speed of the 6 pin Mini-DIN DATA connector ONLY. It changes both the audio filtering and I/O levels, therefore it also changes the ALC operation, If set to 9600 the IC-706 MkII-G inserts a separate transmit audio AGC and does not utilize standard FM audio pre- and de-emphasis. Again, this applies to the 6 pin Mini-DIN DATA connector ONLY! Many have wrongly advised that Menu 29 also affects the 13 pin ACC connector, including me. That is incorrect.
When you read Chapter 7 covering SET Mode you'll find that Menu 29's default is 9600, therefore any time you do a radio RESET you may have to change several menu options back to non-default settings. Do NOT perform a full radio reset until you write down EVERY menu setting first!
Ken, as you must have heard by now, the Windows audio control panel has changed dramatically post-Windows 7, and has changed again with Windows 11. If your friend has not upgraded his PC from Win7 to Win 10 (or, God forbid, Win 11) be sure he follows the Tigertronics setup instructions for Windows 7.

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