Locked Re: IC-706 Signalink no tx audio, VOX PTT works #Yaesu #signalink #Icom


I have an IC706MKIIG and have been puzzled in the past when it appeared that everything seemed to be working but no power output.  Make sure that the rig isn't in split and going into CW..  Even though I have a CAT cable, sometimes the split freq will be in CW and no power out.  Happens infrequently on some bands, but when it does I have to manually turn off split, set VFO A = B and then everything is good...as split then works correctly.

73johnny KI4WCQ

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I spoke to a tech at Tigertronics and he told me the same thing you did.
Menu settings for items 29 and 30 won't keep the radio from transmitting.
He also suggested a reset of the radio.

Ken W7SS

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