Locked Re: Please use the JTAlert Messaging feature #QSO_practices

Jim Brown

On 9/12/2022 6:38 PM, Timothy Brannon wrote:
I want to advocate for more use of the Messaging app in the JT Alert companion program for WSJT-X.
Right now, I'm watching 4X4ZP on 30 meters with a workable -15 dB signal into North America at 0120 UTC. I'd love to let him know he's being heard in Texas, but he's Offline on JT Alert.
The Messaging app in JT Alert also gives you the opportunity to exchange some of those personal comments that might occur in a CW contact.
Certainly, I do NOT advocate for using JT Alert messaging to complete a contact - all information to complete a QSO should be passed in WSJT-X.
However, I see nothing wrong with a "You're in the log" message sent to those who insist on sending "RR73" multiple times during a contact.
Agreed on all counts. Several times I've been able to use it to get someone to look for me, and even to suggest a clear frequency on his end.

And yes, the only legit uses of ANY non-radio communications are 1) coordinating time/frequency to begin it and 2) "got RRR" or "got RR73" when the QSO is complete.

73, Jim K9YC

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