Locked Re: Unidentifiable Signal #TechnicalHelpQuestion

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

In the referenced issue, I contribute the wide signal to several
operator related factors.  The ham is a relatively new with a Technician
grade license.  He does not have much, if any, electronic experience.  
He has nice radios and a nice looking station but it is all plug and
play.   In this case I will speculate he made some adjustments not
knowing the overall outcome of the results.  The nice thing is the
signal did not cause any interference to any operations.  It is just the
fact I picked up on the wide signal, could not decode it, and proceeded
to enlist a couple of other hams in determining the type of modulation
or data and location.   I did send a "free text" message in the receive
slot and adjacent to the signal he was transmitting.   He decoded my
signal and my call and sent me an e-mail.    All is good.  This is what
ham radio is about.


Bob, K4TAX

On 9/12/2022 7:18 PM, John P wrote:
A fairly simple way to check your own transmissions is to watch your output on an SDR. Just using one with no antenna or a very short piece of wire will fo the trick.
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