locked Re: IC-706 Signalink no tx audio, VOX PTT works #Yaesu #signalink #Icom

Don Roden

Not only two different settings, but two different FUNCTIONS.


On 2022-09-11 12:18 pm, Dave Garber wrote:

don't confuse cat control 9600 for audio ( packet) input 1200. they are 2
different settings. the signalink has no cat control so 9600 baud wont
change anthing unless you have a separate cat device.
the 1200 referred to is the line on the 13 pin jack for 1200 baud packet...
signalink works on internal vox, so radio not needing to be in vox, but the
radio may have to be told your input is rear, not mike jack ( if your radio
has that menu option
does your signalink work on other modes with other software...
Dave Garber
On Sun, Sep 11, 2022 at 10:54 AM W7SS via groups.io <kf7dur=
aol.com@groups.io> wrote:

"I would assume that the Tx audio output from the SL-USB is connected to
the MOD input on pin 11 of the 13-pin ACC connector; if the SL-USB is
keying the rig but there's no audio getting through then that would seem to
indicate a wiring error somewhere along the line, either in the SL-USB's
jumpers or perhaps in the cable that connects the SL-USB to the 706MkIIG's
13-pin ACC connector.
Ken - have you checked all the relevant lines in the SL-USB-to-706 cable
for continuity?"
I have been working with my friend over the phone. I'll visit his QTH in
the next few days to check for broken wires, etc.
Don't think it's wiring because it worked the last time he used it. I'll
bring a scope and check the audio path.
I did find the baud rate set to 9600. Reset to 1200 but still no tx power

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