locked WSJTx FT8 tone problem #AudioIssues


I was on 222 for activity night last night. Decoded a station on FT8 immediately. Tried to call back but he was pointed in another direction. I then went MSK and called another stations for 20 minutes without success.

Went back to FT8 and noticed that my tones weren't correct. This has happened here before on the 222 station. usually a reboot of the computer and Flex 1500 cures the problem. Did some testing too and MSK still seemed correct and so did JT65 tones but FT8 and FT4 showed only the pilot tone peak. I was listening with a second receiver. So no way could anyone get a decode on me. More reboots but no success so I had to call it a night.

If anyone has noticed this behavior and has suggestions I would be appreciative. It has been working for quite some time without doing this. I know that sometimes in the past I had changed the USB cable too but not sure it that really had anything to do with it. Also even went back to V2.5.4 and saw the same behavior. I had been using V2.6.0 rc4 and it had been fine until last night.

I have never had this problem on the other stations which are identical set ups. All are Flex 1500, Demi Xvtrs, LL amps. The 222 station has an I7 computer and 144 and 432 have Ryzen 7's. All Win 10. I do know of one difference however. The 222 I7 computer only has USB 3.0 ports and the Flex 1500's are USB 2.0 vintage. The other two station computers have USB 2.0. But the 222 worked fine for quite some time without a problem. I have also swapped the 1500 on that station out with a spare but things were working then.

Is it possible that JTx loses it's memory of the FTx tones sometimes? Since the other modes sound and look normal on the panadaptor display and second RX. Strange though that I haven't been able to recover yet. More experimenting today as I'll surely need FT8 on 222 for the contest this weekend here with W4NH.

Any help or comments appreciated.

73, Bob

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