locked Re: WSJT-X better on Linux or Windows 11 #windows11 #linux

Barry Bogart

I have never been a fan of Windoze. I started in computing in '66 and used System V and BSD (and everything else). My first PCs were Commodores. Anyway I was happy to see Linux come long. I have used Ubuntu for many years for daily email and browsing purposes. However I have always used Windows for WSJT, on all kinds of machines from an 2gb A4 netbook on up. I just got an ultra cheap Acer Travelmate B3 and it runs FT8 just fine. I have never had a problem running WSJT on Windows. But the main reason I use Windows is that my shack computer is also my bench computer, and the software for my test instruments, DSO, DMM, LCR, etc. are Windows-only as is my Elecraft software.

Meantime my old Lenovo X200 running Ubuntu 20 started having various problems. I think it is time for a 'nuke and pave'. I miss it.

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