locked Re: RX Bandwidth #AudioIssues

David Ackrill

On Sun, Aug 28, 2022 at 07:39 AM, Philip Rose wrote:

I think the myth is that a higher S/N means that the signal is more easily
Yes, Phil, and that myth is starting to gain traction.

The other one is that you should jump about the passband to be on the offset that the station that you want to work is on. That one has crept into this forum as well, by the look of other messages...

If only we could educate people to use other dial frequencies when the bands are busy. Such as moving from 50.313MHz and going up to 50.323MHz for out of continent stations. However, I doubt that it's now possible to get through to the majority of HF band users to move a few kHz up or down from where the pack is hunting now. Let alone setting their PC Clock or checking the intercept/slope settings against a known on-air set of frequencies.

If only this was a hobby based upon technical knowledge and achieving best practice? That ship sailed long before I got my callsign.

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