Locked Re: RC3 Crash - Info Please #wsjt-x-crashing

Dennis W1UE

I’ll send you what I have tomorrow after the contest is over.

On Joe’s suggestion yesterday, Ron WV4P and I were asked to replace the
Hamlin FLL for RC3 with the version that was used for in 2.5.4. We did so,
and we each ran for 6 hrs without a crash. I think we both decided, based
on that test, we would start the contest today using that FLL and RC3.

I’ve been at it SO2R for over 11 hours now, and have not had a crash. It’s
been nice!

Dennis W1UE

On Sat, Aug 27, 2022 at 18:58 Brian Moran <brian.moran@...> wrote:

Greetings, I'm gathering information on wsjt-x on Microsoft Windows
crashes that people are experiencing and reporting in this group; I've read
posts from W1UE, WV4P, W3RJW, WB5JJJ about this, and some of those folks
are testing potential fixes.

If you have experienced a crash (*not* UI glitches as some have reported
with Dark mode, but actual program crashes, or when the wsjt-x app
"disappears") with RC3 (not any other version, please), could you please
reply with:
- how frequently and under what circumstance this occurs (e.g. "once per
day", "about once every 10 contacts", "any time my power is above 20
watts", "only when I'm on 10 meters", "when my kid is playing Destiny on
his PC")
- version of wsjt-x (I'm expecting that this will be "2.6.0-rc3" )
- whether you installed by downloading from the K1JT website (
https://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1jt/wsjtx.html), or whether you
compiled it yourself; whether any additional files (e.g. DLLs may have been
replaced after you downloaded and installed).
- the radio you have configured in the Settings -> Radio tab
- how you are connecting to the radio (port type (USB, Serial, TCP/IP),
direct, via port splitter, COM0COM, via virtual rig software like HRD, if
you know)
- whether you're also using any other application like JTAlert, N1MM
Logger+, or any other connect-via-network-socket type of software at the
same time
- the version of Windows you're using
- how much memory you have, what processor you're using, if you know it

- anything else you think is relevant

I am trying to reproduce these crashes, but have been unable to thus far,
despite using RC3 along with N1MM Logger+, with HRD, etc. I have NOT yet
tried two instances for SO2R with N1MM, that's next.

-Brian N9ADG

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