Locked POTA TX holding #FT8 #Windows10 #transmit

Nathan B


I’ve recently been encountering an issue with my FTDX1200 setup with my Rigblaster Advantage and Windows 10 PC, specifically towards the transmit hold or syncing with receive audio when operating FT8 and trying to respond to a station calling “CQ POTA”.

When I click on a station calling CQ POTA, WSJT-X changes the receive frequency to the station but does not change the TX frequency as well like it does with other stations that aren’t calling CQ POTA. I’ve done some searching through the web, YouTube and forums here, but haven’t found anything definitive to fixing my solution. In fact, I’ve found several threads which suggest one should NOT have the TX frequency change to the same as the station they are trying to respond to. I’m a little perplexed on that though, as it seems from watching the waterfall data that most stations operate in this fashion.

Is anyone else having this issue? The waterfall is usually quite full so I don’t really have the option to select a “clear” place on it when responding to stations if not using the same frequency they were transmitting on. In fact, I don’t think most stations would be able to have enough room to communicate in the suggested threads I have found about operating on a different TX Hz as there just simply doesn’t seem there would be enough room to allow such a method of transmitting.

Any help would be appreciated in clarifying this or figuring this out. It’s rather frustrating to chase non POTA stations and have to manually change the TX from their location on the waterfall to the POTA station rather than clicking on the POTA contact and having the program automatically adjust the TX/RX values to sync together and I definitely don’t want to interfere with other stations attempting to also make contacts!

Nathan KC9HYY

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