Locked 2.6.0-rc3 UI in JT9 mode #IssueReport

Jim Shorney

I'm working the JT9 Activity Days event this weekend and finding that I have some UI problems in JT9 mode only. All other modes in the upper FST4 through Q65 seem to behave normally.

Kubuntu Linux 18.04, up to date.
WSJT-X 2.6.0-rc3 compiled from the source tarball.
Not using any kind of rig control.

The most obvious things are upon initial startup the frequency defaults to 144.120 and the Monitor button will not toggle off. Stop will not turn off Monitor either. All other buttons seem to work normally. Logging works normally.

In the Standard Messages area I can not type anything into TX5 or any of the other message boxen, nor can I select any saved macros for TX5. What is there stays there and refuses to leave.

When I first noticed this I also had problems in the Settings tabs. None of the selection buttons nor the OK/Cancel buttons would work. I had to get out by closing the window. That seems to have resolved itself but I do not know why.

Computer has been rebooted, checked for new software updates, and did a fresh compile of -rc3 and the problems persist. Version 2.5.4 works normally.

I can still operate and make contacts so I would not call this a high priority issue.



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