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Robert Lorenzini

Steve all that you say is true but more and more of us are using GPSDO's to
control frequency. In this case atmospheric effects are the largest variable.

Bob - wd6dod

On 8/26/2022 5:48 AM, Larry Banks via groups.io wrote:
Hi Steve,

The myth is reinforced because people make assumptions and don't read the excellent information about how WSJT-X works.

AND, even if your and my rigs displayed the same frequency number on their front panels no rig has perfect calibration, so they would not be on the same frequency.  The concept that you and I can dial in a number ending in "50" and be in the same place on the spectrum is quite totally false in reality.

Larry / W1DYJ

On 8/26/2022 4:58, Steve marsh (M0NMA) wrote:

You are correct, but the myth may be reinforced by the way wsjt-x turns your transmit off if the station you are contacting is in QSO with another station AND your frequency overlaps with the 50hz used by the station you are trying to contact.

If you set your tx frequency outside that boundary, you don’t have an issue. I have also had many occasions where I have decoded 2 and sometimes 3 stations on exactly the same frequency. I guess that slight frequency deviations and timing differences are helping the software to resolve the decodes.

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