Locked Re: Syslog error questions #NewUser

Jon Pike

Well, tried the TS-480 selection again, and it's much worse, with "unknown command or rig busy" and many errors about every command... Also, it seemed sluggish in control, and it took several seconds to get a green Test CAT button, if at all.

BTW, am using the 2.5.4 general release version. The QDX is on the latest 1.04 firmware. Windows 10 PC, as well.

TS-440S gives just those 5 error lines at startup, maybe rarely repeating later on. Everything is responding fast. Upon starting the program I do sometimes see a red frequency box, and have to select a mode or change a band for it to go to black. But that's the closest to any functional error I've seen using TS-440S.

Haven't had a chance to try upping the priority on the audio router yet. Sounds like 10-20ms of lost sample isn't a huge issue, if it's not some kind of counting error.

Jon - KA6MOK

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