Locked Re: 2.6.0 rc3 - Decode persistence #IssueReport


Hi Alessandro,

On Thu, Aug 25, 2022 at 12:18 PM, Alessandro I2SVA wrote:

Hi Joe,
my statement was not 100% correct, this is why you cant reproduce.
The issue is:

1 - you set Q65 mode, Fast decode
2 - you go to echo mode
3 - you return to Q65 and you are always in Deep decode.

I am used to stay always in Fast decode and I am used to run the program and
first test the echo, therefore as soon as I move to Q65 I find Deep decode..

Thansk, best 73!
Alessandro i2sva
OK, I understand now.

When filing a report of a suspected bug it's important (whenever possible) to provide a step-by-step recipe for reproducing the undesired behavior.

With the code in WSJT-X-2.6.0-rc3 you can switch between modes available via the small buttons on the main window, and the mode parameters including decode depth will be remembered. But this is not necessarily true for modes that do not have a dedicated small button, such as Echo mode.

Configurations save everything. I suggest that you define and use different Configurations for Q65 and Echo mode. Switching between these will maintain all of your settings.

-- 73, Joe, K1JT

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