Locked Re: Using WSJTX Waaterfall #FT8

Jim Brown

On 8/25/2022 4:24 AM, Chuck Gelm wrote:
I think not, but let us defer to Jim K9YC.
Repeating my advice about working weak stations: increase gain between the radio and the computer to maximize the green bar without it exceeding 80 dB and turning red. And run the receive IF at full bandwidth, with no narrow filter or notch.

My use of WSJT-X modes is mostly limited to 6M and 160M, and to working very weak signals. On 160M, I'm trying to Europe from near San Francisco, a VERY difficult path. On 6M, I'm trying to work weak signals that are fading in and out. On both bands, I'm running legal limit into very good antennas, yet I regularly decode stations that either can't hear me, or give me signal reports that are 15 dB worse than I give them. In other words, my decoding of weak signals is very, very good.

Note that the bands on which I'm running legal limit are NOT crowded, many stations with the same goals as me are also running legal limit. I wouldn't think of running power with WSJT-X on other HF bands.

73, Jim K9YC

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