locked Uninstalling

Paul N5PG

I'm at my wits end.

Until last Saturday WSJT-X 2.0.1 worked fine.
Then any transmissions quit totally while trying F/H clng 1A0C, but rcv still OK.

Using FT1000MP MKV, Signalink, vox keying, no CAT.

PC updated itself to Win10 1903 (build 18362).
I noticed driver for USB Root Hub 3.0 is now dated 3/18/19. Pwr Management for it turned off.

I  reinstalled 2.0.1, rcv is fine, transmit dead,no tones. PC audio set up as directed, ditto Signalink.
I  saw that F2 Confg tabs were already populated, so the uninstall was apparently incomplete.

I found the WSJT-X.ini file and copied it to a new folder & renamed it too.
Ran Uninstall again then deleted wsjt directories including "log directory".

Installed 2.0.1 again, F2 Config tabs STILL populated ! How can this be ?
Even tried 2.1.0 32 and 64bit versions, same results.

I figured I'd try a clean install, start from scratch having to re- enter everything and so on but no go.

I've spent hours on this, totally frustrated.
I'm getting to where I'm thinking of dropping the whole thing until  smarter folks can sort it out and a stable installation becomes possible.

73, comments welcome, Paul N5PG

BTW not RFI, been using dummy load with minimum pwr.

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