locked Re: FT4 Output Audio

Bill Somerville

On 25/07/2019 16:34, kk5aa_fred via Groups.Io wrote:
Is there a particular reason that the output audio of FT4 has been suppressed?

My output on FT8 can go as high as 80 watts, if I crank it up. Same on JT65 or JT9. If I switch to JTDX, I get the same output capabilities. But, on FT4, the maximum I can generate is 40 watts unless I change the output on the interface. This tells me that the audio output from the software has been decreased for some reason and I would like to know why.

Fred - KK5AA

like all the other modes in WSJT-X FT4 generates full scale audio output. I will guess that you have installed the 64-bit Windows build of WSJT-X and have not bothered checking the output in modes other than FT4, you will find that they are all the same. What you are probably seeing is a difference between how the 64-bit Windows version interacts with the Windows audio mixer control. Once you understand this and adjust accordingly there will be no difference. See this message for details:



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