locked Re: Another case of decoding stopping...


Latest update: As of this morning, business as usual.  I get a hung decode about once every 15 minutes if I am active, often less than that.  If I am just decoding and not transmitting, then it often, but not always, runs much longer, maybe even hours.  When it hangs, restarting DAX always restarts it.  When I run LatencyMon, it seems to happen more frequently, but LM almost always shows an excursion of the "Highest Measured Interrupt to DPC Latency", often in the 20,000 microsecond range.  Flex says DAX is sensitive to this problem if there is a latency over 1000 microseconds.  (But Flex also seems to think that DAX not being able to recover from this is ok with them, since it is MY computer that is the problem!  How late '70s's, from a computer science perspective.)  Keep in mind that this is mostly theory.  While Flex is "aware" they are not saying this is what is happening with WSJT-X.

Specifically: audiodax.sys, txdax.sys, and iqdax.sys all average around .125 microsec until the hangup, whereupon they are usually around 2000-4000 microsecs, respectively.  I just had one hangup a minute ago that showed no anomalies at all on LM.  Go figure.

Here is a typical LM listing before the DAX hang (only a 10 minute run):

And here it is after:

I have backed SSDR down to 2.4.9. No change.  I have backed Windows back down to release 1803. No change.  I have not backed out my driver upgrades for Nvidia, network driver, Intel chipset, and I still have Intel's Speed Shift turned off.  Not much effect.  I am in the process of bringing everything back up to the latest revs.  While this problem has existed for a long time (maybe ever since I fired up SSDR and WSJT-X) it certainly did not happen nearly as frequently.  What used to happen once every day or two now happens within 15-20 minutes, if I am transmitting.  At least my logging software and other apps will have the latest and greatest underneath it all.  Tim at Flex seems to think it is a problem with the Nvidia driver but that didn't change over this whole episode until I upgraded it.  It does show long latencies, but so does NDIS.  I am not sure NVidia is the cause. 

I am ready to reverse roles with my backup ICOM rig, but I hate to admit defeat!

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