Locked Re: Saved Data #WSJTX_config

Robert Snyder

Wasn't a hard drive crash but a BIOS hangup. Got in a loop and couldn't get out no matter what I did so just decided to reload windows 10, saving programs and files. It worked but lost half the programs and the associated files. WSJT was one of the programs lost so had to reload it but ended up with the two users "shogun" but the first user doesn't have AppData so wsjt-x can't find the directory which is down one more level. I'm going to reinstall WSJT this afternoon and see what I end up with. I've lost all my QSO'a (few thousand) so I guess will have to just put up with the dupes. I'm thinking I can download the ADIF file from QRZ and put everything in the directory (once I figure it out) and take it from there. I'm still looking for any way of changing the directory that is listed on the setup page to what I want. Mahalo (thanks) to all who might help. I'm sure I'm not the first fool to have this problem.


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