locked Re: Saved Data #WSJTX_config


Hey Bob - any chance of setting your OLD system drive to a data drive using
the drive on-board jumpers and then seeing if you can read that data on the
new system? Just a thought... I have done that before when the system
drive crashes...

Good luck.

Craig NZ4CW

On Thu, Aug 18, 2022 at 12:33 PM Robert Snyder <shogunsent@...> wrote:

Using WSJT-X V2.5.4 and Windows 10 64bit
I recently had a total wipeout of my computer and lost all my ADIF files
(hundreds of FT's, years worth) plus all other modes. Thankfully I still
have my QRZ.COm with all the QSO's. The problem being is when I save an FT
QSO in WSJT-x, I can't locate it in the saved directory, as it no longer
exists (I had to install a completely new Win10). Can I change the saved
file to a file I can locate? The install program puts the saved data in
"C:/Users/shogu/AppData/Local/WSJT-X". This file no longer exists in my
file system. I find what I have is
"C:/Users/shogu/shogu/AppData/Local/WSJT-X". How do I change the "Save
Directory" to what I have.? I'm unable to log any QSO's except manually.
I made about ten QSO yesterday and they were saved, but I can't get them in
the right directory as it doesn't exist.... Same with the AzEl Directory.

Thanks to any who can help.


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