locked Re: Max waterfall frequency, and merging log files. #TechnicalHelpQuestion

Jim Shorney

WA0YPC is an frequent POTA activator operating from SD right now. I worked him earlier this evening on 20m and he's still there. He would welcome your contact.



On Tue, 16 Aug 2022 09:35:44 -0700
"Barry Bogart" <ve7vie@...> wrote:

Thanks to everyone. All is in order again. I rely on Gridtracker for my stats and it lost track of most of my states. Reinstalling it found everything. GT must maintain it's own DBs for stats. Reinstalling recreated the DBs I guess.

NJ, DE, SD - anyone out there using FT8? I was originally licensed in NJ and that really gets me! Now I am in CN89.

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