Locked Re: WSJT-X + Icom Ic 9700 #WSJTX_config #Icom

David Ackrill

On Sun, Aug 14, 2022 at 04:14 AM, Fabrizio wrote:

Any nontrivial suggestions is really appreciated (I have tried every single
Without knowing what settings you have already set, it's difficult to know what is "nontrivial" and you suggest you've tried everything already, so again, it's difficult to help without appearing to be 'trivial'.

A number of people, myself included, have set the IC9700 to work with WSJT-X and other programs, so it is possible, but you have to work through all the settings and make sure that you have them set up correctly, then save them to the Preset Memory so that you can load them up again, but you probably already know this if you use the IC7300. Sometimes it's just a case of working through the settings logically and making sure that the basics are correct, which might seem to be 'trivial' but it's surprising how you can think you have everything set correctly, untill you check back again and find you've missed something obvious. I ended up writing all my settings in WSJT-X and on the radio down and keep refering to it when things stop working to find what needs to be reset to what I thought I'd set, but somehow got changed...

I have an IC7300 and an IC9700 and can use both of them with WSJT-X. Other than the usual settings, have you tried "Unlink from [REMOTE]" in the CI-V settings? That will let you manually set the CI-V USB Baud rate to either the value you have set in WSJT-X or to "Auto" to let the radio search for the correct value (Some people find setting a baud rate is best, some people use Auto) and switch off "Echo Back". I use "Link to [REMOTE] (this greys out the CI-V USB Baud Rate and Echo Back) then I set CI-V Data Baud Rate to the value I use in the WSJT-X settings and CI-V DATA Echo Back to 'OFF'. However, it will work with Unlink from [REMOTE] and CI-V USB Baud Rate on 'Auto' and Echo Back set to 'OFF' as that's how I run it on the IC7300 because I used a contest logging program with the IC7300 that would not work with Link To [REMOTE] set and I tend to leave it that way, so try both set-ups and see which works best for you. Also, I tend to have CI-V Transceive set to 'ON', again some other programs do not like this setting, but it works with WSJT-X for me.

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