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Rick Abbott

Sorry my screenshot did not come through - my selected repositories are main, universe, restricted and multiverse...rick

On 8/14/22 8:00 PM, Rick Abbott via groups.io wrote:
Thanks Robin!

I did not know that history. When my Software app finds the wsjtx 2.5.4 package it shows a source of Flathub.

I also seem to remember having to enable some additional repositories. I don't recall if that was for finding wsjtx or other ham software though. But I have the following enabled:



On 8/14/22 7:00 PM, R Gape wrote:

Big Sigh. Once upon a time, Ubuntu only supported Debian packages, which you & I often installed through Synaptic, and all was crystal clear, sweetness & light. And then folk started thinking that packaging up non-mainstream software in all-in-one packages made sense, to avoid dependency hell. And thus *snaps*, *Flatpaks* and *AppImages* were born.

What Rick was suggesting was going to the *Software centre*. Under Ubuntu 18.04 the software centre (which may be shown as either *Software* or *Software Centre*) offers classic Debian packages, Snaps & Flatpaks. [Under 18.04 a WSJT-X Flatpak is available, as well as a Debian package at an earlier version.] In 20.04 and 22.04 things have changed and a vanilla install offers Ubuntu Software which only supports Debian packages and Snaps. [It is possible to amend this to support Flatpaks, should one wish to. One way is given at https://flatpak.org/setup/Ubuntu.] With 22.04, *Ubuntu Software* offers a Debian package of WSJT-X 2.5.4, but it is not clear that this will be kept up-to-date.

Snaps & Flatpaks can be administered from the command line. But, a simple route may be via the *Snap* and *Flathub* stores. [ https://snapcraft.io/store and https://flathub.org/home] There is a Flatpak of WSJT-X 2.5.4 which is probably the most reliable route to an install that is kept up-to-date.

HTH, 73, Stay Safe,

Robin, G8DQX

P.S. Discussions as to the relative merits of Debian packages, Snaps, Flatpaks, and Appimages is best left to another time and place.

On 14/08/2022 16:28, Stephanie WX3K wrote:
Within the Synaptic Package Manager, there are many source tabs to configure. I currently have only the Ubuntu Software tab check boxed.

I get the impression I need to select OTHER sources in order to get my apps updated, especially WSJTX

There is the "Other Software", "Updates", "Authentication", "Additional Drivers", "Developer Options" and "Livepatch" tabs and nothing else is check boxed.

I assume this may be the reason I am not getting updated apps.

WHERE are the updated WSJTX packages sourced from ? Which repository ?



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