Locked Re: search receive window #EnhancementReqest

Reino Talarmo

Another approach that would work well for me would be to have some kind of simple command (maybe context menu via right-click) to copy the whole window contents to the clipboard. Then I could open Notepad or some such, paste the text and search away to my heart's content. I don't think that color coding would have to be included, though I can see how some users might want the colors preserved. If the color coding is easily convertible to rich-text format, then maybe it could be preserved easily enough by using a rich-text-capable program to do the searching.
Hi Randy
You wish is already there or most of it. Just click on the Band Activity window use shortcuts Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C. That will copy contents of the window. Then you may paste it into Notepad or whatever you wish to use. The color coding is a totally different issue to copy.
You may also copy the Rx Frequency window contents by the same mechanism.
Actually the latest window focus is remembered and you may just start with the Ctrl-A for selection.
73, Reino

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