Locked Re: Windows 10 -WSJT-X power slider help...

Herb Blue - WB8ASI

Thanks Bill,  I've just spent the last few days changing from a Windows 7 32-bit PC to one that's WIndows 10 64-bit including upgrading to WSJT-X v2.1.0 and JTAlert 2.13.10, while bringing along my LOG4OM.  Whew, couldn't have made it without all I've learned here on-line from everyone's experiences.  Now ;you're procedure on volume control is the finishing touch.  I've got the device and WSJT-X set at 0db (didn't even know about volume mixer, but I found it).  Now I can hardly keep the level down to keep from seeing ALC on the meter even with the PWR slider at the bottom.   I liked it better with 32-bit where I could tweak the PWR slider mid-range to just see the meter movement on ALC.  Am I understanding your procedure correctly???   Thanks and 73, Herb. WB8ASI

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