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Chuck Moore <wd4hxg@...>

I travel a lot. So I carry a Pelican case with transceiver, power supply, laptop and antenna.
I also have a Spud Gun under the back seat of the truck for popping a tennis ball with
attached monofilament line to pull up dipole supports.

There were several goals:
(1) Eliminate the speaker or line audio out from the radio to the Rigblaster.
(2) Get rid of the lashup cable from the rigblaster to the microphone connector on the radio.
(3) Use a single USB connection which would carry digital data for audio and control between the laptop and xcvr
(4) Use the RS-BA1 Icom software for on screen command of the radio.

When operating at a camp ground or hotel room or in the cab of the truck I drive,
minimizing the number of widgets and their connections is critical. It seems that
the number of problems that can be expected is proportional to the number of
connections square and perhaps even the number of connections exponentiated
by the number of connections. 3.5 mm audio plugs/jacks, DIN connectors, RCA
jacks etc are not a good mix when operating portable.

There were other choices available which were smaller, but the 7300 was an SDR
box, minimized connections, provided 100 watts for regular SSB QSO's, had its
own internal antenna tuner, another attractive feature and eliminated the need for
me to drag along a VSWR meter.

All seem like desirable features and would help keep the needed Pelican case
size down to something that does not look like Keystone Cops running a surveillance
operation when dragging the box into a hotel.


Chuck WD4HXG

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