locked Re: Hamlib 4.5 testing #hamlib

Tim Dawson

I don't own one of these, hut I really struggle to come up with a valid reason that using an isolated external interface like a SignaLink and a decent serial interface woild not be a simple, trivial, solution, with no financial beatdown as would be the case buying a new radio.

On August 9, 2022 7:52:24 PM CDT, "Chuck Moore via groups.io" <wd4hxg@...> wrote:

When I called Icom for help, their tech support recommended using the
Tripp-Lite USB cable with integral ferrite cores molded near each end of
the cable. I found the cables online and ordered a couple. In my case
there was no improvement using them. Best solution I found was to replace
the radio with something other than Icom.

Chuck WD4HXG

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