locked Re: Hamlib 4.5 testing #hamlib

Chuck Moore <wd4hxg@...>

IC-7300's are reported to be sensitive to RF. I own one
and it has been no end of pain to use with the USB
interface. Initially I thought that my computer was the
problem with sensitivity to RFI but after using a 3rd party
box with integral codecs in the 3rd party box, all worked
well. My conclusion was the computer was not the problem,
the Icom USB interface is. And I cannot prove it, but
suspect the rf inside the radio is hiccuping the radio's
USB lines. While using the 3rd party interface solves
my issues, it defeats the purpose of me buying the
radio, that was to get rid of multiple external cables
and the 3rd party box, as I wanted to set up a portable
system without all the clutter.

In discussing the problem with the USB interface with
another op, he pointed out that the internal codecs in
the IC-7300 do not have line isolation transformers nor
does the audio chain appear to have any protection
from external interference.

I gave up on using the integral Icom USB interface.
My recommendation is to find another radio. You will
beat your brains into the ground trying to get a grip
on the interface crashing everytime your stomach

Chuck WD4HXG

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