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Don Roden


Explain that rig control ( CAT ) is separate from audio.

And that CAT selects the front microphone connector..... not the rear panel audio from the SignaLink or whatever device he is using. ( use PTT in the wsjtx menu ) W4DNR

On 2022-08-08 1:06 pm, Reino Talarmo wrote:

its an old yaesu ft-890, i connected the computer and rig with a HDMI/usb cable and can adjust the rig and computer from either. when trasmitting or tunng there is no movement of the needle signifying anything going out. No decode either. Using net time and time is synced. I did notice by accident that if you touch the mike it does make the needle go up. stumped
Hi Scott
What you mean by "a HDMI/USB cable"? How it is connected to the DATA IN/OUT connector for analog audio signal? How you have set wsjt-x Settings | Audio Sound card Input and Output selections? Do you see anything on the waterfall and if so, is your PC microphone not connected as an input to wsjt-x. Especially Windows Default selection in the Audio settings is a reason to that (plus all dings and dongs will be transmitted.)
At least currently your rig is capable to transmit as you mic is active. Please note in the TU/TNC Interconnections section of the FT-890 User Manual states that mic should be disconnected, when data modes are used.
73, Reino OH3mA

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