Locked EU Contest mode #ContestMode


I did a search for this by was unable to come up with anything.

I was trying to use EU contest mode this weekend with Q65 -- (WSJT 2.5.4 running on Windows 10 Home).

In QSO with other stations, for some reason I could not send the full contents of MSG boxes Tx2 and Tx3.

When the sequence got to that box, all that was sent was my partial call despite the full message text being present in Msg.. The first four digits of my call were transmitted, but everything after that was truncated. I tried rebooting a couple of times, but nothing changed. (My grid is EO10EE).

See: https://ve4cy.net/misc-images/eu-wsjt-problem.jpg

Any idea why? What do I have to change in order to send the full contents of TX1 and TX2?

73 de Jim VE4CY

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