Re: Bug in 2.5.4 when changing bands on Yaesu FTDX-3000 #Yaesu

Michael Black

What I meant was I need a debug log from you while running with the FTDX3000 entry so I can see the problem there.
Not that many people use the RC candidates so you may well be the only one.

On Saturday, August 6, 2022 at 04:10:21 AM CDT, Juergen DL4YCD <dl4ycd@...> wrote:

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"I need to you run as DX-3000 as that is the rig you have, right? The 5000 can set mode on VFOB where the 3000 cannot so can't use the 5000 entry without getting an error."

Hello Mike,
yes that's correct. My rig is YAESU FTDX3000, Maybe from your perspective its ok that I should not use the FTDX5000 settings but .. with this settings all works fine. Bandswitch in WSJTx is immediately done on FTDX3000 on VFOA (as expected) and NO other button has to be pressed. If I use FTDX3000-settings in "SETTINGS" and say OK, VFOB-button is immediately switched on but is looks like that WSJTx is using VFOA for TX/RX as RX/TX from VFOA is still ON. Its very comfortable that, whenever I change band in WSJTx, FTDX3000-qrg is also switched.
I'm still wondering that noone else (except that one I've contacted and who confirmed that it must be a WSJTx-problem) who is using FTDX3000 with internal soundcard and latest version of WSJTx has such a problem.
Juergen - DL4YCD

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