Chuck Gelm

On 8/5/22 12:43, William Smith wrote:
For FT8, just run as normal default “CQ W3AAX FM19” … this may change with FT4 once approved for use by

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"Work them all, let POTA sort them out." 8*)

73, Willie N1JBJ
Willie et alia:

 Thanks for all the information.
This helps.
My main WSJT-X interest is FT8 and many of you gave helpful suggestions in that area.
I usually work a callsign once on each: new band, and new mode, and new grid; but
now knowing that 'park activating' stations are seeking any 10 QSOs in one UTC day,
I will endeavor to call them once each day of their activity.

Aside to group:
Due to my post generating several replies, I wonder why is there no #POTA hashtag?

73 all, Chuck

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